SEO 2011

June 23, 2011 5 comments

I totally agree with Paul Spreadbury .

1. Although Matt Cutts has talked about that Google are using tweets in their search algorithm, I suppose the weight of this will boost up highly and Bing will also start to incorporate this.
2. Microsoft will make frequent updates to Bing and strongly integrate a social aspect into this (such as the recent Facebook integration)
3. Google will use CTR in their algorithm. Bing already uses this.
4. The Local Search business will increase and more sites will optimize for local sites.
5. Google will begin to use certain nofollow links for ranking sites.
6. More SEO blog posts will include data analysis.
7. SEO will go beyond mobile and web. It will move to Google TV/Apple TV, videos and audio etc.
8. Microsoft will be more accepted in the SEO world.

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Spain’s wild-goose Chain Festival

Spain's wild-goose chain

In Spanish Basque village of Lekeitio, the celebration of Antzar Eguna (Geese’s Day) is honoured with contestants who try to hold onto a dead goose for as long as possible while being jerkily dipped into the ocean on a rope. The winner is the one who decapitates the goose with his bare hands.

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