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8 Easy Step Checklist For On-Page SEO

July 6, 2011 3 comments

On-site Site seo refers techniques which are held on site itself .The most common slip-up is ignoring on-site SEO. We can judge any site’s on-page SEO by check out eight things.

  • Mata Tags
  • Images alt tags
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Domain and keywords
  • Homepage
  • Content
  • Internal link building

On-page SEO

1-Mata Tags



<meta name=”Description” content=”XYZ”>

<meta name=”Keywordz” content=”XYZ1,XYZ2,XYZ3,XYZ4″>


2-Image Alt Tags

<img src=”; alt=”keywords” />


Static Website:Most website software will have sitemap capability built in and will auto generate it once you add all your content,make sure to link the site map from your homepage as it also help visiters navigate your site.Create XML sitemaps.
Wordpress blog:there are two plugins that will create you sitemaps and update it automatically.

  1. Google XML sitmap Plugin
  2. Dagon Sitemap Plugin


The file allow you for control of how the search engines crawl and indexe your site

5-Domain and keywords

Keywords in the domain ,you choose for your site as this makes ranking a lot easier


Keyword should be in the heading(Title)
Main keyword density 6 or 7
Footer link
Affialiate Links

7-Inner pages

Orginal keywords optimized written content is important inthe ranking of your website.You can get better idea from there 16 Website Content Ideas.

8-Internal Link Building

When you link back to your own home page within your site’s content with the keywords  you are targetting and want to rank in the anchor text.