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Pakistan Idol

December 19, 2013 Leave a comment

While going to office today morning, I have seen a person on bike, quite mature person waving his hand in air as classic singers do. He was also crying loudly (sorry Singing), First I thought he is a made person and have a chance to drive a bike that’s why he is acting like that. Within few seconds he passed by me with high speed. Although this is university road and quite rushy road by traffic.
Weather is quite cold,I have covered myself with jacket, cap and gloves. Meanwhile 2 Crazy Bicycle Drivers passed by me they were follow that man who was trying to singing loudly as much as he could.
These young guys are also making a noise by uttering bizarre cackles in this foggy morning. Within few seconds they join that mad person, now these 3 bikes drivers are doing the same. Full speed 3 bikes, moving with right left lane, clapping, singing, screaming can be hear and seen on the road. As I come across those guys, it comes to me that they are doing rehearsal for “Pakistan Idol”.
OMG , this is our young generation, is going to inspire the western tactics quickly . This is the morning time , are they not trained from their home environment to Recite the Holy Quran in the morning, Are they un-aware from the importance of Durood Shareef.
Alas! We have fixed ourselves just for worldly fame and affairs. We don’t have anytime for Islam.
Ay ALLAH , “Ham pe Raham Farma aur hamy Naik Hidiyat dy”

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